James (Jim) Tomlinson
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Currently employed, but always willing to discuss challenging and rewarding software development positions that would utilize my technical, leadership and management skills.


Twenty years in the software industry, primarily in application development. My work has included extensive experience in event-driven systems, web- and socket-based client-server, graphics, and user interfaces, as well as development management and technical lead duties. I am experienced in agile and traditional methodologies, and have participated in all stages of software development, from requirements analysis to deployment.


Server- and client-side Java, C++ (Windows and Unix), C, Korn, Bourne and C shells, various assembly languages, various scripting languages (Python, Perl, etc.)


December 2011 to present

Attachmate, Seattle, Washington

Senior Development Manager
Performed all aspects of software development management. Prioritized features and fixes in concert with product management. Coordinated efforts of development, testing, configuration management. Managed relationships with other development teams. Led scoping efforts for new features. Reviewed and critiqued modeling and design documentation. Communicated plans and schedules to upper management. Led my team in shipping hotfixes, service packs and major releases, many of which contained significant features.

January 2008 to December 2011

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Senior Applications System Engineer
Designed and implemented significant portions of the initial release of Kuali Student, a community-source student information system. Developed entity and composite webservices using JAX-WS. Implemented JPA-annotated entities and the data access objects which performed persistence and retrieval of those entities. Supervised and participated in development of the application's UI and data validation functionality. Coordinated my team's direction and efforts as team lead. Mentored developers new to the project in the technologies used, the toolset and product build processes. Led scoping and scheduling exercise for initial evaluation release of a web application allowing users to view telecommunication bills online, replacing the production of paper bills. Participated in design and implementation of the application. The project was implemented using Tapestry, Spring and RESTful web services. Evaluated and compared the Tapestry 5 and Wicket web application frameworks.

July 2007 to December 2007

Medio Systems, Seattle, Washington

Software Design Engineer
Designed and implemented custom search indexing and cataloging components to enable media search and purchase by T-Mobile customer base. These components utilize Apache Lucene for batch indexing and ranked search. Enhanced and maintained existing server solutions supporting T-Mobile.

March 2006 to June 2007

BEA Systems, Seattle, Washington

Senior Engineer
Designed and implemented usage-tracking Eclipse plug-in component. The component enables other plug-in developers to track usage of features of interest. Usage data is persisted to a remote database via HTTP-based IPC, using an XMLBeans-based protocol. Reporting and querying capabilities are provided. Maintained Eclipse viewer plug-in that provides for creation and editing of Java 5 annotations. Participated in implementation of Eclipse-based enterprise service bus configuration tools.

March 2001 to March 2006

AttachmateWRQ, Seattle, Washington

Development Manager/Technical Lead/Developer
Designed and implemented Java Connector prototype using Java-based emulation engine to demonstrate integration of legacy host data into a web application using J2EE-compliant technologies. Designed and implemented major portions of the core product's management application, using JSPs and Struts. Supervised seven developers, and performed various management duties, including interviews of prospective employees, performance reviews, compensation reviews, and separation discussions. Served as chief programmer (as defined in the feature-driven development methodology) for major portions of the latest product release, leading domain walkthroughs and design discussions and reviews, and scoping, scheduling, and staffing various work packages. Enabled remote web application configuration by designing and implementing a JMX-based architecture which allows control communication between the product's various server-side components. Served as development manager and technical lead for a 4-person team implementing a Windows-based identity-management utility, using the eXtreme Programming (XP) development discipline. Served also as development manager for security-related Unix- and Windows-based client/server product.

November 2000 to February 2001

360 Powered Corporation, Seattle, Washington

Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead
Designed and implemented a pluggable ranking architecture for determining the most relevant responses to a search query. The architecture allows the user to dynamically determine the weighting to be assigned to differing web page attributes, and to easily add functionality to rank a query result based on new attributes.

October 1999 to October 2000

Vitessa Corporation, Seattle, Washington

Senior Software Engineer/Technical Lead
Responsible for various client utilities used by customers of Vitessa's e-commerce transaction management systems, as well as by those customers' fulfillment partners. These utilities provide web-accessed reports, as well as database display and updates to accomplish order acceptance and fulfillment by suppliers, RMA's, returns, and customer credits. The utilities are implemented using Java Server Pages technology.

January 1998 to October 1999

WRQ, Inc., Seattle, Washington

Designed and implemented usage metering functionality for applet-based web-to-host product. Usage recording and reporting, and optional license enforcement, is performed via two cooperative Java servlets. Implemented IND$FILE (3270 datastream file transfer) feature of terminal emulation applet. Assisted in extensive performance-focused rearchitecture of core web-to-host product. The rearchitecture resulted in significant speed improvements, providing performance far surpassing that of the product's closest competition.


Masters in Software Engineering

B.S. in Computer Science

B.A. in Political Science

Seattle University

University of Montana

Whitman College

Seattle, Washington

Missoula, Montana

Walla Walla, Washington